“This Is the Greatest Memory of My Life” – NBA Game Portland Trail Blazers


By Wendy Ko 

NBA Basketball Game Portland Trail Blazers


I have always had a dream to see an NBA game in the future in the U.S. I thought NBA games were the most interesting sport in the world. When I was in Taiwan, we just saw NBA games on TV or on the internet. I never thought I could see an NBA game in the U.S. One month ago, I came to the U.S. to study English. I had a roommate, who was also studying at the ELCI, and she invited me to see an NBA game in Portland. I was so happy. The NBA game was a good chance to watch a basketball game and to get to know more about my classmates.

This was the first time I went to see an NBA game, and I was so excited about that. It was also the first time I left Monmouth. I saw a lot of different scenery on the way to Portland’s basketball stadium, which was called the Moda Center. When we arrived at the Moda Center, I saw a lot of people who wore basketball jerseys for the team of Portland called the Trail Blazers. The lights of the Moda Center made me feel more excited and happy.

When the basketball game began, the audience was screaming. We shouted nonstop and eventually felt very hungry and thirsty. Then we went to a shop that was in the Moda Center and bought some expensive fries and cola.

Overall, the game was very wonderful. The Trail Blazers won the game. Everyone got crazy and screamed in the Moda Center. I felt happy and the activity touched my heart deeply. This was the greatest memory of my life.

– By ELCI student Wendy Ko from Taiwan

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