“I hope the memory of ELCI will always stay in my mind, forever” – ELCI Activity Karaoke in Portland

By Justin 

I remember that the most memorable thing I have done at the ELCI was on March 10, 2017. On that day, my classmates and I went to Portland for karaoke. It was a wonderful experience.

It was 3:00pm, and it was a sunny day. I forgot what the name of the karaoke was, but I still remember that the space of the karaoke was pretty large — it could hold almost 15 people! Max was the first person to sing, and his voice was wonderful! He sang many old Chinese songs that I didn’t know. Then it was Wendy’s turn and she was pretty good too! After that was Big Tom, and for him, I just say fabulous.

After Big Tom, it was my turn. At first I wanted to sing “Thousands of Miles Away,” which was sung by Jay Chou. However, it was not in the list, so I had to change to another one which was called “Your Hair is Like the Snow.” Unfortunately, they still didn’t have the song. I had to give up.

As I was giving up, someone chose the song called “Unrestrained and far-ranging,” which I had heard before and started to sing it with them. The song I was singing, which used to be popular throughout China 20 years ago, made me think of memories of what I did in the past. It almost made me cry. I thought “I won’t forget this day!”

The experience also improved my friendships, helping me make more friends. I hope the memory of ELCI will stay in my mind, forever.

– By ELCI student Justin from China

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