Birthday Party at the ELCI

By Ayu  

For my ELCI friend’s 20th birthday, we had a surprise birthday party for her. In Japan, the 20th birthday is important for our lives, because we can join adulthood and we have a coming-of-age celebration. some other reasons are that we can drink alcohol and we can do things by ourselves. W don’t need parents’ permissions anymore. there are three things we did for my friend’s birthday party: chose and bought a present, docorated the room, and had the birthday party!

First, my friends and I chose and bought a present for her. We went to Portland with her. I said “I want these sandals. What do you think?” She said ” I want them too. I want to try on my size.” We decided to buy the sandals for her. Another day, my friends and I went to the decoration shop. We bought decorations and mini birthday balloons.

Next, before the birthday party, we decorated a classroom in the ELCI. After class, many friends came to this room and decorated together. We wrote a message on the whiteboard. Another teacher bought a Pinata for her. It was a cute pink unicorn and we filled it with snacks and candies.

Finally, we had the party. After class, a teacher pretended that she needed to talk to her. During this time, we entered the room and waited for her. As she was coming, we started to sing the birthday song and gave her presents. Then, we ate a birthday cake. She was surprised and crying. We succeeded with the secret party and we felt happy.

In conclusion, we enjoyed it. My ELCI friends and teachers were very helpful an cooperative. Everyone smiled and was happy. We were connected with friendship.


– By ELCI student Ayu from Japan

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