Individualized Attention & High Quality English Education Guaranteed at the ELCI

At the ELCI, we believe that high quality English education means individual attention to each student, in both their academic progress and their well-being as people.

In each classroom, the average number of students is 10. Our caring and friendly teachers make sure that each student understands the materials and achieve the lesson objectives before they leave the classroom. Each student is carefully evaluated every month before they move on to the next level. We also take the students’ needs seriously, which is why we started to provide free IELTS preparation lessons twice a week to all of our students at the beginning of 2017.

High Quality English Education FREE IELTS Prep Class ELCI USA


High Quality English Education Individual attention ELCI USA

Individual attention

High Quality English Education Small Class Size ELCI USA

Small Class Size






Once a week, each student can meet with one of their teachers after school for 30 minutes to discuss what they don’t understand in class. Some students also take advantage of this free tutoring session to ask their teachers to help with their personal needs, such as writing a resume in English, advice for studying at an American university, or how to improve on a specific skill to pass the IELTS test.

The ELCI also makes sure all of our students know that their well-being is cared for and their concerns are addressed. Every morning, all the students are greeted with smiles. At lunch, it is common to see the ELCI staff chatting with our students up about their daily lives, exciting travel plans, and their ambitions in life. When they encounter problems about living in the U.S., the ELCI also makes sure that we are the first ones to come to their aid. (See the Life at the ELCI)

Not all the English language schools can provide the high quality English education like the ELCI can. Our small school size is our advantage. Our students enjoy studying at the ELCI because this big family welcomes them so warmly. There are no distractions or feelings of longing to go back – they already feel at home!

Come join us at the ELCI. We will make sure it is the best study abroad experience you will ever have!

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