Individualized Attention & High Quality English Education Guaranteed at the ELCI

At the ELCI, we believe that high quality English education means individual attention to each student, in both their academic progress and their well-being as people.

In each classroom, the average number of students is 10. Our caring and friendly teachers make sure that each student understands the materials and achieve the lesson objectives before they leave the classroom. Each student is carefully evaluated every month before they move on to the next level. We also take the students’ needs seriously, which is why we started to provide free IELTS preparation lessons twice a week to all of our students at the beginning of 2017.

High Quality English Education FREE IELTS Prep Class ELCI USA


High Quality English Education Individual attention ELCI USA

Individual attention

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Once a week, each student can meet with one of their teachers after school for 30 minutes to discuss what they don’t understand in class. Some students also take advantage of this free tutoring session to ask their teachers to help with their personal needs, such as writing a resume in English, advice for studying at an American university, or how to improve on a specific skill to pass the IELTS test.

The ELCI also makes sure all of our students know that their well-being is cared for and their concerns are addressed. Every morning, all the students are greeted with smiles. At lunch, it is common to see the ELCI staff chatting with our students up about their daily lives, exciting travel plans, and their ambitions in life. When they encounter problems about living in the U.S., the ELCI also makes sure that we are the first ones to come to their aid. (See the Life at the ELCI)

Not all the English language schools can provide the high quality English education like the ELCI can. Our small school size is our advantage. Our students enjoy studying at the ELCI because this big family welcomes them so warmly. There are no distractions or feelings of longing to go back – they already feel at home!

Come join us at the ELCI. We will make sure it is the best study abroad experience you will ever have!

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Yeld from Brazil – IELTS 5.0 and Ready for College! 

Yeld from Brazil has studied at the #ELCI for over two years. When she first started, she barely spoke any English. Two years later, she got an IELTS score of 5.0 on her first try! She also helped the ELCI translate the school brochure into Portuguese! Her kindness and encouragement to everyone, teachers and classmates, have played an important role in the ELCI family. We will miss you greatly!

Birthday Party at the ELCI

By Ayu  

For my ELCI friend’s 20th birthday, we had a surprise birthday party for her. In Japan, the 20th birthday is important for our lives, because we can join adulthood and we have a coming-of-age celebration. some other reasons are that we can drink alcohol and we can do things by ourselves. W don’t need parents’ permissions anymore. there are three things we did for my friend’s birthday party: chose and bought a present, docorated the room, and had the birthday party!

First, my friends and I chose and bought a present for her. We went to Portland with her. I said “I want these sandals. What do you think?” She said ” I want them too. I want to try on my size.” We decided to buy the sandals for her. Another day, my friends and I went to the decoration shop. We bought decorations and mini birthday balloons.

Next, before the birthday party, we decorated a classroom in the ELCI. After class, many friends came to this room and decorated together. We wrote a message on the whiteboard. Another teacher bought a Pinata for her. It was a cute pink unicorn and we filled it with snacks and candies.

Finally, we had the party. After class, a teacher pretended that she needed to talk to her. During this time, we entered the room and waited for her. As she was coming, we started to sing the birthday song and gave her presents. Then, we ate a birthday cake. She was surprised and crying. We succeeded with the secret party and we felt happy.

In conclusion, we enjoyed it. My ELCI friends and teachers were very helpful an cooperative. Everyone smiled and was happy. We were connected with friendship.


– By ELCI student Ayu from Japan

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“I hope the memory of ELCI will always stay in my mind, forever” – ELCI Activity Karaoke in Portland

By Justin 

I remember that the most memorable thing I have done at the ELCI was on March 10, 2017. On that day, my classmates and I went to Portland for karaoke. It was a wonderful experience.

It was 3:00pm, and it was a sunny day. I forgot what the name of the karaoke was, but I still remember that the space of the karaoke was pretty large — it could hold almost 15 people! Max was the first person to sing, and his voice was wonderful! He sang many old Chinese songs that I didn’t know. Then it was Wendy’s turn and she was pretty good too! After that was Big Tom, and for him, I just say fabulous.

After Big Tom, it was my turn. At first I wanted to sing “Thousands of Miles Away,” which was sung by Jay Chou. However, it was not in the list, so I had to change to another one which was called “Your Hair is Like the Snow.” Unfortunately, they still didn’t have the song. I had to give up.

As I was giving up, someone chose the song called “Unrestrained and far-ranging,” which I had heard before and started to sing it with them. The song I was singing, which used to be popular throughout China 20 years ago, made me think of memories of what I did in the past. It almost made me cry. I thought “I won’t forget this day!”

The experience also improved my friendships, helping me make more friends. I hope the memory of ELCI will stay in my mind, forever.

– By ELCI student Justin from China

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“This Is the Greatest Memory of My Life” – NBA Game Portland Trail Blazers


By Wendy Ko 

NBA Basketball Game Portland Trail Blazers


I have always had a dream to see an NBA game in the future in the U.S. I thought NBA games were the most interesting sport in the world. When I was in Taiwan, we just saw NBA games on TV or on the internet. I never thought I could see an NBA game in the U.S. One month ago, I came to the U.S. to study English. I had a roommate, who was also studying at the ELCI, and she invited me to see an NBA game in Portland. I was so happy. The NBA game was a good chance to watch a basketball game and to get to know more about my classmates.

This was the first time I went to see an NBA game, and I was so excited about that. It was also the first time I left Monmouth. I saw a lot of different scenery on the way to Portland’s basketball stadium, which was called the Moda Center. When we arrived at the Moda Center, I saw a lot of people who wore basketball jerseys for the team of Portland called the Trail Blazers. The lights of the Moda Center made me feel more excited and happy.

When the basketball game began, the audience was screaming. We shouted nonstop and eventually felt very hungry and thirsty. Then we went to a shop that was in the Moda Center and bought some expensive fries and cola.

Overall, the game was very wonderful. The Trail Blazers won the game. Everyone got crazy and screamed in the Moda Center. I felt happy and the activity touched my heart deeply. This was the greatest memory of my life.

– By ELCI student Wendy Ko from Taiwan

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“I’ll Never Forget It” – Lincoln City, Oregon, U.S.A.

By Zainab A. 

Lincoln City is a city in Lincoln County, Oregon, U.S.A. When I went to Lincoln City, I was 18 years old. In October of 2016, I went with ELCI and my husband, and it was my first trip in Oregon. Everyone was curious about it, and there were many students from different countries and three teachers from the U.S. There were two white buses and two cars. The weather was nice. We rode the bus playing beautiful songs.

When we arrived, we started shopping in an outlet mall. Everyone was buying things. Before I started shopping in the Nike store, I was using my phone. I forgot my phone in the store because I was so excited. I was sad, and I didn’t want to tell my husband because it wasn’t the first time. After that, I found it next to a mirror. My husband bought ice cream, and we took pictures next to the mirror.

After shopping, we waited for a big bus to go to Lincoln City Beach. A little baby was playing while we were waiting. Some students took pictures together. The others were using their phones. Eventually, the big bus arrived. On the bus, I looked through the window. After 10  minutes, we arrived at the Lincoln City Beach. When we saw the beach, we were happy. Many kites were flying and dancing in the sky. Many people were playing. I was listening to my favorite Arabic song which is called Habeit.

In the end, my husband and I walked without shoes so we could feel the sand. We took videos and played together. My friend came over with a sad face because she was hungry. We went to a restaurant and bought some food, but everyone was calling for us because the bus was getting ready to go back. We had to run. My jacket was moving like I was flying. My food arrived fast, but I was still late. My friend was faster than I was because her food arrived earlier than mine. We ate the food on the bus. It was delicious shrimp.

In conclusion, as the first trip, it was really fun. I’ll never forget it because I felt happy.

– By ELCI student Zainab A. from Saudi Arabia

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