ELCI Application Checklist


1.      ELCI application form Fill out the online application form: ELCI Application Form 2018.
2.       Homestay application form
  • Fill out Homestay Application Form
  • For students who would like to experience American culture first-hand by staying with an American host family. Homestay is required for students under 18 years old.
3.      A copy of passport picture page
  • You can scan or take a picture of the page with your phone. Make sure the picture and all the writing is bright, clear, and legible.
4.      Bank statement
  • The amount should show that it is sufficient to pay for the entire selected program.
  • If the name on the financial support is not the student’s name, please also fill out the Affidavit of Support. Please see the form for ELCI-Monmouth and for ELCI-Albany.
5.       $150 application feePlease fill out the credit card information on the 2nd page of the ELCI Application Form

Everything’s ready? Send them to the center you select:

ELCI-Monmouth ELCI-Albany

Any questions?

Write us here and we will get back to you right away!