ELCI Monmouth

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(Video Credit: ELCI alumni Kensho Ochiai, 2017)

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ELCI Monmouth

ELCI Monmouth is right next to the campus of Western Oregon University. Our students can use the university facilities there including the library, private study rooms, and bookstore. For a small fee, students may use the gymnasium and swimming pool.

ELCI was established in Monmouth in 1986. We have a long history of helping thousands of international students from all over the world succeed in American high schools and universities. Our classes are small and each student can get individual attention from their teachers.

Programs in ELCI Monmouth

Intensive English Program

HAVA (Homestay and Volunteer America)

Head Start to High School

ELCI Monmouth Facilities


Options After ELCI Monmouth

Half-Half Program

ELCI students with sufficient TOEFL or IELTS scores can participate in the Half-Half Program with Western Oregon University and if successful can matriculate into the full-time academic program in the university.