Homestay And Volunteer America (HAVA)

Why the Homestay And Volunteer America Program (HAVA)?


American culture first-hand

Friendly host families

SMALL CLASS SIZE and family feel

Who is HAVA  for?

The HAVA program is perfect for students who would like to use their English in practical situations and also gain valuable experience of a mini-internship. In this cultural program, students will see typical American life-styles and working environments first-hand. Students will also stay with our host families, which is the best way to stimulate language learning!

HAVA Sample Schedule

The volunteer venue could be the city library, local daycare centers, kindergartens, museums, senior center, local businesses or institutions, etc. More options? Contact us!

Age Requirement

18 years old

Levels & Program Duration

Students must have a working command of English.

Program typically lasts 2-8 weeks.

What is HAVA really like?



After ELCI

 You will receive a Certificate of Completion. You will also leave with the satisfaction of having done a great job, and it will be great for your resume!