Parent-Child American Friend – Family Study Tour

WHY the Parent-Child American Friend?

English Immersion with your children!

American education first-hand!

lifelong friendships!

Flexibility and 100% quality!

“This is the best summer camp we have ever participated in!”  

Sany, CEO of FSL English Language School, China

Who is the Parent-Child American Friend Program for?

Watch as your child learns and grows side by side with American children.  This fun English immersion program is perfect for your children to get used to speaking English in a fun and supportive environment. Our carefully designed classes and activities presented to you by our professional program leaders will surely make your exploration of American culture unforgettable!

This ELCI Parent-Child American Friend program only accepts 7-8 pairs of parents and children each time. Small groups ensure the quality of your trip! Our professional program leaders are attentive to your needs and can revise our program schedule to better suit your interests as it goes.

Parent-Child American Friend

Sample Schedule

The program has morning classes and interesting activities in the afternoon, including outdoor activities and cultural events.

More options about activities? Contact us!

Age Requirement

4-8 years old

Levels & Program Duration

No English level requirements.

Program typically lasts 1-2 weeks.

What is it really like?