Specialty Programs

Head Start to High school (HAVA) 

-High School English summer program-

Who is the HSHS program for?

The Head Start to High School program is for international high school students who are getting ready to attend American high schools and would like to get a taste of what American high school classrooms are like. All the high school subjects in this program are taught in level-appropriate English for these students. Culture and English language courses are also provided in the program.

How long is the HSHS program?

Typically 1-8 weeks.

When are the start dates?

In June and July.

Homestay and Volunteer America (HAVA)

-english lessons and mini-internship-

Who is the HAVA program for?

The Homestay and Volunteer America program is suitable for students who have a working command of English. You will be immersed in an English-speaking community where you can practice your English in practical situations. This program will help you gain the experience of a mini-internship in the U.S.A. and will add greatly to your personal resume!

How long is the HAVA program?

Typically 2-8 weeks.

When are the start dates?

All year round.