Student Testimonials

What do our students say?

” I had a wonderful experience and I learned a lot from the ELCI. I  will be glade to recommend ELCI to my friends and relatives.” Abdul Aziz  / Saudi Arabia

Abdul Aziz / Saudi Arabia

“ELCI is a good place to learn English. It’s not just that. You can find a lot of friends, and the teachers are amazing.” Adriana / Costa Rica

Adriana / Costa Rica

“My favorite activity was going to watch an NBA game! That was a lot of fun!” Casper / Taiwan

Casper / Taiwan

“I learn a lot of English from studying at the ELCI. My English has gotten better in the past 3 months.” Chia-Ying Tu / Taiwan

Chia-Ying Tu / Taiwan

“I like studying at the ELCI, because all the classes are small.” Chinatsu / Japan

Chinatsu / Japan

“ELCI is not only a place to learn English but also a place to make friends. ELCI has great student activities. I am impressed by the classes and the teachers!” Dew / Thailand

Dew / Thailand

“I had a lot of fun here. My English improved quickly. I also really liked learning how to drive a dune buggy!” Doan / Vietnam

Doan / Vietnam

” Coming to ELCI is an amazing experience in my life. The teachers in ELCI helped me a lot to improve my English. They brought us together to have conversations and share our feelings.” Duc / Vietnam

Duc / Vietnam

“It [studying at the ELCI] helped improve my English speaking.” Enni / China

Enni / China

“The activities were all so interesting, and the staff and teachers did a lot of work to support the activities. Thank you!!!” Hwoo-Duk Kim / Korea

Hwoo-Duk Kim / Korea

“In ELCI, every teacher is very kind to everybody, and they will help you with whatever you need to make you happy.” Jacky Zheng / Taiwan

Jacky Zheng / Taiwan

“I think studying at the ELCI is very fun. The teachers and other students make me happy. You can learn English well here.” Kensho / Japan

Kensho / Japan

“I love the dedication and positive attitudes of the staff and teachers.” Long / Vietnam

Long / Vietnam

“ELCI is a great school! Teachers and staff are really kind and helpful. When I have some anxiety, teachers always listen to my worries and give me advice. I like this school” Miho Yamada / Japan  

Miho Yamada / Japan

” After ELCI, I have confidence to talk with people more, especially American people.” “It is a small institute. It is really fantastic!” Mohammed  / Saudi Arabia

Mohammed / Saudi Arabia

“They teach every student carefully.” Nanson / China

Nanson / China

“I really like ELCI. There are many students and very friendly teachers.” “My favorite ELCI activities are NBA basketball game, laser tag, and ice staking.” Nhi / Vietnam

Nhi / Vietnam

“I really like ELCI because they are so good to me!” “My favorite ELCI activity was laser tag. We talked a lot and had a great game in the dark!” Nhu / Vietnam

Nhu / Vietnam

“I am happy about studying here. It is really fun.” Otgonjargal Yadamsuren / Mongolia  

Otgonjargal Yadamsuren / Mongolia ELCI Student from Mongolia

“They [teachers] help us study English and other subjects for high school. They are all unique and kind in their very own way.” Sehee / Korea

Sehee / Korea

“I love this place. It changed my life forever. I learned a lot and had very special friends and family.” Yeld / Brazil

Yeld / Brazil

” I would recommend ELCI to people who need to learn English for work or high school or college.” Yvonne / Taiwan

Yvonne / Taiwan

“I am having a fun time studying at the ELCI. There are many students at the ELCI and they are so friendly. I love learning at the ELCI because the teachers are good teachers.” Zainab / Saudi Arabia

Zainab / Saudi Arabia