Head Start to High School – High School English Summer Program

Why the Head Start to High School Program?

All subjects taught in English

individual aTTENTION

SMALL CLASS SIZE and family feel


Who is the Head Start to High School Program for?

The Head Start to High School program is specifically designed to prepare students to enter American high schools in the Fall. Students learn vocabulary and listening skills specific to math, science, literature, and social studies in level-appropriate English to help them adjust to a typical American high school curriculum. Students will also study ESL and American culture.

This program is only available at the ELCI Monmouth center.

Head Start to High School 

Daily Schedule

Age Requirement

 12 years old

Levels & Program Duration

Regular start dates: July 3rd, July 31st. However, students may come at anytime during this 8-week period and may study from 1-8 weeks.

What is it really like?



After ELCI

ELCI’s sister company, American Education & Exchange Association (AEEA), can help you find the best high school in the U.S. for you! Please visit www.aeea.com.