Super Flex Flex – Short-term Study Tour

WHY Super Flex Cultural Program?

fun interactive classes

fun Cultural activities


Diversity and friends from all over the world!


Who is the Super Flex Program for?

The Super Flex Cultural Program is a short-term study tour program that is perfect for students who would like a combination of conversational English and fun activities for maximum learning! Start dates and program duration are flexible for this program.

This program is only available in ELCI Albany center.

Super Flex Cultural Program

Sample Schedule

During the week, you will spend almost every morning in the classroom and every afternoon participating in fun activities outside. Lots of learning, talking, playing, and fun!

Photos of activities? Visit our Photo Album! More options about activities? Contact us!





Age Requirement

13 to 23 years old

Levels & Program Duration

No English level requirement.

Programs lasts 1-8 weeks.

What is it really like?



After ELCI

You will receive a Certificate of Completion. You will also leave with unforgettable memories and new friends from all over the world!